"I can hear the roar of women's silence, "

revolutionary Thomas Sankara once noted.



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R. Gurley, MA, MFA, is a writer and english teacher with over 20 years of experience with words, whose works have appeared in Coping Magazine, Lehigh Valley Woman’ s Journal, and Budget Press

Her memoir "Raped Along the Way", contains an inspiring insight into her universe that includes a heartfelt confession about the terriffiying experience of being raped while working as an international educator in Bolivia, as well as having to go trough the never ending process of one of the biggest rape trials in the history of bolivian justice. The book will be pre-published in late 2018 with special priority to the  R-revolution members.

She hopes to build support system for the 80% to 90% of Bolivian women who suffer gender based violence and the continuing injustice that hinders our revolution.

Her other writings can be found at The Desert Diaries.




Carolina Ronquillo, Peruvian writer, Le Cordon Bleu Peru chef and human rights activist; has dedicated her life to raise awareness about environmental issues, food sovereignty, obtaining civil rights for the LGTBI population and the revolutionary fight to end all patriarchal oppression in South America. 

By joining the R-Revolution she hopes to contribute to the struggle against patriarchy through the creation of a woman-friendly platform that addresses our main concerns and that allows our voices to be heard with justice, empathy and respect.


For any inquiries, please contact R. Gurley

Tel: 760-681-4004 | rgurley@rgurleyrevolution.com

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