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Following Eve Wright's Intuition

Eve Wright has learned to trust her intuition. She says, “At this stage in my life, I am almost wholly being guided by intuition.” Intuition has led Wright, a native Brit, this year to explore the to explore islands of Italy such as Sardinia. “The first couple of weeks I had the jitters because the worrier wants to worry, but I decided to throw all this to the wind. I have been taken care of for 70 years and I suspect I will continue to be taken care of.”

Intuition didn’t always guide Wright. She says, “I was raised with the assumption of following the rules- get married, have children, etc.…” Wright followed these rules when she returned to England to raise her son after spending a decade in the Miles Davis driven jazz scene in New York City. A realization struck her spokes. “When I was 58, it occurred to me that I had been doing 9 to 5 to support my son who was now making twice as much as I am now. So, I thought I don’t know what is on the other side of 60, so I am going to do some things I want to before it’s too late.” One of these things was traveling.

Wright, however, didn’t know where to go. A magazine on an orphanage in Peru inspired Wright to consider South America, but it was a random book she picked up in a Cambridge bookstore which was the real catalyst for her journey to Bolivia, the heart of South America. She says, “It was a conscious community in Cochabamba, Bolivia and to make a long story short, I went there for 7 months.” However, it was a chance visit to a pueblo called Samaipata which truly inspired Wright. “There was something about that pueblo,” she says. Her intuition told her this was where she belonged.

Yet, Wright returned to England to resume her routine. Yet, intuition set the ball in motion. A friend asked Wright to accompany her to South America. Wright jumped at the chance and found herself, again, in the village that never left her memory. This time she listened to her soul. She rented a house, taught English and did what was in front of her. Her life thrived. She found an adobe house to purchase. She also found herself volunteering, an interest she had put off while following the rules. Her efforts included hosting a Global Café, which featured thought provoking documentaries followed by tea and conversation as well as Encuentro Sabes, which hosted shamans, curanderos and healers from around South America to discuss their visions of society.

Wright said goodbye to Samaipata after a decade of being an integral part of the community. She sold her house and returned to the EU, but not back to routine. Her sights now set on wandering Europe with intuition as her guide. She says, “No one is writing the rules. You are writing the rules.” Her advice for women sitting on the fence considering venturing out into the world is “Develop your intuition!” Look where intuition took Eve Wright!

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